IdealPOS Grocery Store

Grocery Store Overview

Products in Grocery stores are many and varied. In order to speed up service at the cashier you would want to be able to scan as many of the items as possible.

Idealpos uses scanning technology in many ways. Any items that don't have a barcode can have one created for them in Idealpos, which can then be printed on label stickers and/or shelf labels. Even items from a deli department can be programmed and scanned with accompanying labels.

Using Idealpos' Stock Manage app, you can easily perform a stocktake on the items within your store and continue trading. But performing a stocktake is only one of the features of the app. You can also receive stock, add bar codes to items and transfer items to other locations.


Barcode ScanningBarcode Scanning

Barcodes are used in Idealpos for the fast entry of stock items into the sales screen using a barcode scanner, or for stock control using the Stock Manage app. Scanning can also be used on customer accounts for membership cards, bar tabs, accounts and for employees to log onto a sale. Barcodes can also be used when printed on gift vouchers, credit notes, receipts and coupons for faster service.

Barcodes are fast and secure so help you go about your business knowing that mistakes are kept to a minimum. Used in conjunction with label printing and Idealpos' internal barcode creation facility, you can achieve great results very quickly

Promotions Promotions

Promotions are a great way to bundle products together for a quick sale, or to showcase a new product and make it a standard purchase with your regular customers.

Idealpos allows you to create many different types of promotions so you can sell your products the best way you know how.

Shelf Labels

Idealpos can create labels that can be printed out onto various mediums for use with barcode scanners. Stock Items, Customers and Promotions can be printed using various label settings. Idealpos can add a scancode to all stock items automatically if required. 

When selecting labels to print you are able to select multiple items in one go, saving you time from multiple searches. When selecting items to print you can select lines in blocks or individual lines.

Shelf labels are especially useful in Grocery Stores as almost all stock is placed on shelves. Customers need to be able to easily see the details of the product they are looking at

Pinpad IntegrationImage result for ict 250 eftpos

By connecting your Credit/Debit Terminal to your Point of Sale System, you help eliminate operator error by sending the sale and cash out amount to the Credit/Debit terminal. The Credit/Debit terminal will connect to the bank and upon approval will return an approval response so that the operator is able to finalise the sale. Having an integrated solution will also speed up the transaction as the operator doesn't have to enter values into a pin pad and deal with multiple receipts.